Wang Nam Khiao Farm

Wang Nam Keaw Farm is a place for integrated activities that welcome both private and public for learning and exchanging knowledge about mushroom and vegetable farming with instructors on site. The farm also abundant with product from mushrooms and organic vegetables. An organization can contact and reserve visiting for free.

Wang Nam Keaw Farm starts from caring mind for family and love ones. Back in 2004, Mr. Veera Patara-anan bought over 40 rai of area in Wang Nam Keaw to build a place for holidays with family. Since then, Veera had an opportunity to taste the mushroom that was grown here, he found that the taste and texture was different from mushroom in other area completely. This could due to the temperature and weather that are colder than other area in Thailand throughout the year. This inspired Veera to open mushroom farm both in closed and opened system in 2006, focusing on mushroom that have high medical quality e.g. Shiitake mushroom, Lemur mushroom, Lin zhi mushroom, and Tang Chao mushroom. Later on, it’s expanded to mushroom for household consumption e.g. Oyster mushroom, Doi-oyster mushroom, Seagull mushroom, and Bhutan mushroom.

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