Wand Wan is herbal balm type product, its purpose is to relieve pain and aim for medical results. Relying on outstanding properties of herbs that company collected from the best resources around the country and developed herbal balm formula by combining Old traditional knowledge medicine with modern innovation and technology. So Wang Wan is considered as premium product in balm product in Thailand which is well known in safety and therapeutic results.

The beginning of “Wang Wan” is around mid of 2011 by Panitnat, Veera’s wife, who had slipping and falling accident which caused bent coccyx. She endured pain, consumed and injected medicine continuously. Veera started to find the best herb ingredients for making herbal balm for his wife. It became his unique formula herbal balm, which is not only for relax or relieve symptoms, but for specifically medical results. Veera’s balm results are amazing, not only his wife’s sickness symptom improved but his friends who tried his balm guarantee the good results. This influences Veera to produce and sell within farm under “Wang Wan” brand. Then Wang Wan balm is becoming more well-known about properties and therapeutic results through recommendation. Until it is widespread within and outside of Thailand in a short period of time.