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Mushroom complex
plus 60 capsules

Helps to adjust the body’s balance, and strengthens immunity, resulting in a healthy body and prevents diseases.

1,190 ฿

Supplements produced from Cordyceps extracts, mixed with Ganoderma lucidum powder and Hua Ling mushroom powder.

FDA Registration no. 30-1-07660-5-0001
Shared experiences (Information gathered from people who have experience consuming our products)

– Helps to adjust the body’s balance, and strengthens immunity, resulting in a healthy body and prevents diseases.
– Aids in the patient’s rehabilitation and rejuvenates the body, does not easily become, and restores sexual performance.
– Helps to sleep deeply.
– Relieves allergies, asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis, colds, frequent sneezing, itching, and food allergies.
– Assists in the relieve of anemia, nourishes the blood, and increases the amount of white blood cells.
– Assists in the relieve of migraines, epilepsy, Meniere’s Disease.
– Relieves symptoms of beriberi, frequent cramps that occur when waking up.
– Relieves migraine, cramps suffered before or during menstruations.
– Relieves abnormal menstruations, characterized by blood clots, a fishy odor, leucorrhea, and excessive mucus.
– Nourishes the blood, makes the skin glow, reduces freckles and dark spots.
– Provides relieve to aphthous ulcers, herpes, psoriasis, and eczema.
– Nourishes the liver, cleanses toxic residues in the liver, reduce fatty deposits in the liver, and hepatitis.
– Nourishes the kidneys, and relieves symptoms of dysuria, cystitis, and urinary incontinence.
– Relieves dizziness, or drowsiness, especially during hot weather or stressful periods.
– Relieves dizziness symptoms caused by vertigo.
– Assists in the rehabilitation of patients with paralysis and the blood circulatory system.
– Assists patients afflicted with heart disease or stroke.
– Helps control blood sugar levels, diabetes, cholesterol, high/low blood pressure.
– Assists patients with goiter thyroid disease.
– Helps to reduce the size, and prevent the risk of cancerous tumors and cysts.
– Helps to rehabilitate patients who have gone through chemotherapy, radiation therapy.
– Etc.

Directions for Use (for maintaining health):
– Take 1-2 capsules, after waking up and before meals.
– To restore the body, take 2-4 capsules, 2 capsules after waking up and before meals, and another 2 capsules before bedtime.

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